Five Instagram Accounts to a #BetterYou

Scrolling through Instagram can get toxic real quick. Especially when you follow a lot of thin models, follow traveling accounts, or just watch your friends live great lives that seem better than yours. Is there a better way to feel better about yourself on the feed?

Luckily enough, there are plenty of artists on Instagram who are here to support you with positive thoughts to become a #BetterYou. Here are just a few picks:

Beth Draws Things @bethdrawsthings

With themes like depression, anxiety, therapy, hope, and self-love, Beth Draws Things features some simply enjoyable comics that are relatable to just about anyone. The primary character is a little blob who seems to think out loud in a variety of situations and circumstances.

Let’s Talk About Mental Health @letstalkaboutmentalhealth

This account encourages talking about mental health and not letting the stigma get in the way. The idea behind it is that 25% of people have mental health issues, and having a conversation about it helps the situation become easier for them. It features a variety of text-based images and illustrations put together for a bright, easy to understand aesthetic.

Project 1 in 4 @project1in4

Another account that goes off the idea of the 25%, Project 1 in 4 is another account dedicated to erasing mental health stigmas with sketches and quotes. The account currently has about 12k followers and has a huge following and support. A good account if you want to send something to a friend.

Marcela SabiĆ” @marcelailustra

This Brazilian illustrator balances her beautifully detailed art with themes of self-love, mental health, and body positivity. She also posts updates of her own life, especially following the Brazilian election, and her Halloween costume. If you’re looking for someone who’s close to a big sister role model, Marcela SabiĆ” is a great example.

Sad Girls Club

For the women of color out there aspiring to make a grand change, Sad Girls Club is a WOC-driven platform is “built to create community within the mental health world and ignite conversations with GenZ and millenials.” Unapologetically feminine, the account has strong tones of pink, with a wide spectrum of voices all centered around the topic of mental health.

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